Valentine’s Day Fill In the Blank Letterpress 5 Card Set   Includes Size 10 Standard Red Envelopes Two choices of paper – white or cream – specify when you purchase or i will send a random one! This Valentine’s Day Use the Same Card to tell different people how much you love them.  Fill in


a little too lonely in richmond this weekend… Buy Poster


Total Cost : $3.00 Bought the suitcase that was locked shut at a thrift store in harrisonburg with my old roomate Danny. He helped me hack saw it open. A few months later I found a coffee table in a trash can with removable legs that I got off and reattached to the leather suitcase…Took no time

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Im trying to photograph more of the process of my work. Most of the reason I enjoy printmaking is that it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to get to the final finished product.  Thoughts on how I will force myself to start blogging more. Write once a week. Sunday nights seems to


well its a new year. and i still failed at the blog idea. i just bought some new stuff for my camera so i have some goals to take more photos to keep up here with what i am doing in my art to better document my whole life and ill probably be thinking of