Love you more than blank |

I made these Valentines day cards to be customizable for your loved one. Use the Same Card to tell different people how much you love them. Fill in the blanks with your choice of words. Here are some ideas to get you started on your way to share love this holiday. Here are some ideas

I'll Fly Away |

It was little lonely in Richmond this weekend, so I worked on a new poster where I have been taking letterpress classes. I used an old cut for the background seal shape. I love that the texture of the cut came out onto the kraft paper. For the text, I chose large wood type, paired


Total Cost : $3.00 Bought the suitcase that was locked shut at a thrift store in harrisonburg with my old roomate Danny. He helped me hack saw it open. A few months later I found a coffee table in a trash can with removable legs that I got off and reattached to the leather suitcase…Took no time

Catching Up |

Im trying to photograph more of the process of my work. Most of the reason I enjoy printmaking is that it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to get to the final finished product.  Thoughts on how I will force myself to start blogging more. Write once a week. Sunday nights seems to