Letter Press Thank You Cards – You fill in the blank with the reason you are sending it!


In January i got a spool that i wanted to turn into a rotating bookshelf. With the help of my dad, I stripped the wood, put casters on, built dividers, and stained it! its now officially loaded with books and is displayed proudly in my apartment!

Morgan Line-O-Scribe | offthebeatenpress.com

I’ve been getting more into letterpress printing and have been keeping an eye out for a little press.I found this one online for a good price and decided to get one to fiddle with at home. It is small and will work pretty well for a starting press. It is called a Morgan Line-O-Scribe Tabletop


Last night I ran a short run of business cards on the Platen Press. They are printed on Mohawk Black Cards with Silver Ink. As my website is done in helvetica, so is this… I am pretty happy with how they turned out and it was nice doing small little cards on the big machine! Above is