At the visual art center on sunday we used a steam roller to make prints of carved wood!  it was a little difficult because of the rain and the amount of ink needed so mine didn’t come out exactly as i would have liked but I still had fun and will be trying it again!

Stained Glass: Lemons Part Three | offthebeatenpress.com

The stained glass is nearly complete, or so I hope…  Last week I had to recut all the tiny white pieces that line the exterior of the lemons & re grind them! I failed the first time and cut them all awkwardly.  Luckily, this time was much quicker and the shot here is of the


Last night I decided to print one of my favorite lines from a poem by J.R.R. Tolkien. The poem appears in The Lord of the Rings and its titled “All that is Gold does not Glitter.” I found some drop cap letters that were rather hard to lock up with matching type. Once it was done


My coworker Angela had me work on this print for her new house. The final size of the paper is 15 inches by 15 inches…I laid out and locked in all the type and printed it first in Willamsburg Brown on both brown & cream paper. When that was done I realized it greatly needed

Stained Glass: Lemons Part Two | offthebeatenpress.com

This is the grinding station where I worked on my dad’s stained glass piece. Each piece has to be ground along the edges. These are fast powered circular grinders that work amazingly well to smooth the edges of the glass that you didn’t cut quite perfect.   Then you foil it. You have a copper

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first test print on my morgan line-o-scribe… still gathering some supplies for it. need magnets, some test polymer, oil based ink, & thats about all!

Stained Glass: Lemons Part One | offthebeatenpress.com

I begun working on a stained glass piece for my dad. When I was a little kid we went to our house in Canada nearly every other year for the summer. Often we took trips up the coast to look at local artists. I distinctly remember my dad loving this one piece of stained glass


For those of you who haven’t met my fish yet…This is Soco! He used to have a friend, lime-may he rest in peace. Soco has gained quite a bit of weight since I got him about a year ago.  I made this tank from an old Power Mac G4 Cube Computer. To match I used