I did the letterpress work on these posters last fall. They contain a quote from one of my favorite children’s books, “The Sign of the Seahorse.” My mother read it to me growing up and I will read it to my children one day. I went to add some screen printing to this piece the


This past Saturday I got the opportunity to sell my art on the street in Richmond. I learned lots from the last time I had done it and learned even more this time as I tried a different set up! Overall, it wasn’t as successful as the one earlier this year, but I blame the

Dogwood Letterpress Cards | offthebeatenpress.com

I printed a lot of Dogwood Flower Letterpress Blank Cards the other evening. The cut is vintage and for anyone who comes into the studio when I teach. Dogwoods are tattood on my arm and are one of my favorite flowers. I used lavender paper and metallic ink. It ended up looking beautiful and I


Color type two, finally!  Mixing red and silver ink together, I have this metallic purple ink on cream paper Wine Type Letterpress Print to offer! Check it out on etsy!


I made this piece back in High School in Mr.Scotts Art Class! It was super simple & easy to make. It is a representation of Ocean Waves… I finally found a shadow box frame for it and it is now in my apartment! 


I went to Hawaii for my birthday in May & had so much fun. These are the pictures that inspired the Aloha Cards! I didn’t take a lot, but the ones I got are beautiful. Check them out below. My Lei that my cousin got me getting off the plane North Shore Beach Near the

Aloha Card Final | offthebeatenpress.com

After my trip to Hawaii. I knew I needed to send thank you cards to those who had been so wonderful. Also, I was very inspired when I returned by the gorgeous scenery all around! I made these split fountain cards about a week after I got back! Here is the final card!  Here is

Girl in Champagne Glass | offthebeatenpress.com

So this Girl In Vintage Champagne Glass was only partially made by me. Paul Morris, an amazing letterpress friend, had this cut and decided to print it when I was there helping. So I worked on it with him for a while. But then he ended up printing a whole bunch and had nothing to do with

Wine Cork Monogram | offthebeatenpress.com

It was only fitting that after I completed my Wine Type Letterpress Print that I finish up making my initial out of wine corks. I have been saving corks for a long time – since my twenty first birthday in fact – to use to make a cork board. I had gathered what I thought


Well, it is finally done! After some misspelling troubles & loss of paper, I finished this print! Also I am crazy sore because of it! I did over 300 different pieces on the Platen Press last night and it is all manual so I have to pump my leg up and down to use it!