got tired of favorite things…so ill switch between that and favorite quotes… & so he did what countless punk rock songs had told him to do so many times before…he lived his life!


its bubbly & delicious. generally has great packaging. it’s for real that i love prosecco.  


normally i don’t like tons of gifs. but now and again a few make me super happy… If you know someone who uses Comic Sans too often send them here :  comic sans criminal


hopefully one of everyones favorite things…


I got the die made for this print last fall. A few months later when I went to print it, my friend Emily noted how I spelled something wrong. This is classic me. I always spell things wrong – I focus so much on how it looks & the spacing without taking time to check


When I got back from Hawaii the first week of June I bought my first car!  The next day…my dad went and got nearly the same one 🙂  We are now car twins!  My car is the blue one, named Kai – which means Ocean in Hawaiian (figured it was appropriate). me & dad &


I got a new lens this week! It’s always fun to get packages in the mail especially when its something new and shiny. I am hoping this lens will force me to take more pictures. We will see in the next few weeks if it does the trick!


This year I got to go to an Olympic Opening Ceremony party – which was a great excuse for cupcakes! Caitlin and I prepped the cupcakes in ice cream cones. We had a little trouble with the frosting and for a significant period of the prep time – they looked nothing like flames. After adding


Well while irony is one of my favorite things, I hate the way i wrote it. ugg. But I said I’d post one a week…