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At Salem, we often find new markets to reach out to. Using the backing of WorshipHouse Media,we decided to try and expand into the Youth Group arena. The new site is called VideosForYouth. I got to do the logo for us. I wanted it to be fun and bright. Trendy was certainly okay since it

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Today is my twenty-fifth birthday; I am a quarter of a century old. I learned some nice little facts about the number twenty five for fun… • 25 is a lovely little square number… • 25 is the atomic number of Manganese… • 25 is the silver wedding anniversary year… • 25 is the number

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I took a class to learn some of the finer details about a Challenge Proof Press in the studio where I volunteer and teach. In the class we went in pretty deep with some of the mechanics I didn’t know about.   At the end of the class, a group of us collaborated on a