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The last stop on our trip was Barcelona. It was my first time in Spain, and I know I will return – maybe even to move there. On accident we arrived on one of Barcelona’s biggest nights of the year: Festival of Sant Joan All across the city they light bonfires and set off fireworks.

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The second stop on our trip was Sorrento, Italy. Looking down from our hotel roof at the Marina Grande. Dali was all over the city. Famous Sites : Sorrento Cathedral Clock Tower & The Church of S. Maria del Carmelo New Shades! My mother & I Walking around Piazza Tasso Hotel del Mare. Grand Marina

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My brother, parents, and I took off on Father’s Day for a family vacation. The first stop was Capri, Italy. Arrival on the Island… We wandered for 45 minutes before finding this sign directing us towards our Bed&Breakfast! For dinner the first night we headed up to Piazzetta Capri. Along our walk up to Piazzetta Capri

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Little did I know that when I tweeted #ifihadglass, a few months later I would be the owner of my very own Google Glass. I flew to NYC and crashed with my beautiful friend Jerusha. Together we enjoyed a gorgeous New York summer day and went together to pick up my glass from Chelsea Market,

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A good friend I met through letterpress here in Richmond bought me tickets to see The Head and the Heart for my birthday. The show was amazing. It was outdoors on a beautiful Friday night, in the middle of the city. A train passed by towards the end of the show on nearby tracks blaring

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I have been using my signature for my branding for some time now. I have also been following Anna Corpron of Brevity Jewelry for a while. She makes some beautiful pieces and I want plenty of them. When she started making Signature necklaces however, I knew I could justify splurging and buying one. Well, a


I realize thaty blog is read by virtually no one. I am okay with that because I really started this blog for me to keep a record of the art & design I am working on. Seeing as I have not been keeping up with it even for myself, I am disappointed. Shame on me.