The last stop on our trip was Barcelona. It was my first time in Spain, and I know I will return – maybe even to move there. On accident we arrived on one of Barcelona’s biggest nights of the year: Festival of Sant Joan All across the city they light bonfires and set off fireworks.


The second stop on our trip was Sorrento, Italy. Looking down from our hotel roof at the Marina Grande. Dali was all over the city. Famous Sites : Sorrento Cathedral Clock Tower & The Church of S. Maria del Carmelo New Shades! My mother & I Walking around Piazza Tasso Hotel del Mare. Grand Marina


My brother, parents, and I took off on Father’s Day for a family vacation. The first stop was Capri, Italy. Arrival on the Island… We wandered for 45 minutes before finding this sign directing us towards our Bed&Breakfast! For dinner the first night we headed up to Piazzetta Capri. Along our walk up to Piazzetta Capri


Little did I know that when I tweeted #ifihadglass, a few months later I would be the owner of my very own Google Glass. I flew to NYC and crashed with my beautiful friend Jerusha. Together we enjoyed a gorgeous New York summer day and went together to pick up my glass from Chelsea Market,

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A good friend I met through letterpress here in Richmond bought me tickets to see The Head and the Heart for my birthday. The show was amazing. It was outdoors on a beautiful Friday night, in the middle of the city. A train passed by towards the end of the show on nearby tracks blaring


I have been using my signature for my branding for some time now. I have also been following Anna Corpron of Brevity Jewelry for a while. She makes some beautiful pieces and I want plenty of them. When she started making Signature necklaces however, I knew I could justify splurging and buying one. Well, a


I realize thaty blog is read by virtually no one. I am okay with that because I really started this blog for me to keep a record of the art & design I am working on. Seeing as I have not been keeping up with it even for myself, I am disappointed. Shame on me.