A famous graphic designer, Saul Bass, once said, “I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares.” Bass has created some amazing work in his time, from movie posters to logos. Even if you know nothing of design, I guarantee you have seen something, probably in the past twenty four hours, that was created


A friend of mine, Michelle, from high school, has a lake house in central Virginia. I got to spend the past two weekends there. It is halfway between her, in DC, and I, in Richmond which makes for a perfect rendezvous spot. Different friends joined us both weekends for late nights, fireworks, food, jet skiing,

Letterpress student work: my first class | offthebeatenpress.com

I started to teach my first class at the Visual Art Center! The three students in my class are anxious to learn and excited about trading prints with each other. Here are some of their projects! Geoffrey Chaucer – Old English Quote A Very ridiculous lock up! Helvetica Font Specimen Milk. Parks & Recreation Quote.


This year I celebrated the Fourth of July with my kickball team & childhood friends. Since it was in the middle of the week, it wasn’t a big weekend deal as it normally is. I watch fireworks from the roof of a building in downtown Richmond, went on a walk through some gardens, and has


So I went in June to NYC to get my Google Glass. It wasn’t until I returned from Europe, however, that I got to unbox my glass and really start playing with it.  Here are some pictures opening Google Glass at home for the first time!