I went this past weekend to help Paul (friend & letterpress genius) out with a calendar to raise money for the Letterpress program at the Visual Art Center! I also got some shots of the month I designed, March, being printed. We use brass forms which are then flooded with molten lead to cast into

letterpress "ahoy" postcards | offthebeatenpress.com

I volunteer every year helping print a letterpress calendar to raise money for the Visual Art Center. Paul, the mastermind behind the calendar itself, gave me some scrap postcards as a thank you. Immediately I took them home and printed on them with my Morgan Line-o-Scribe! I hope to sell some of these at an


I recently joined a soccer team in Richmond. I am super thankful because I had been looking for a group of people to play with for a while now. We are called “The Wild Yaks.” Our captain approached me to do a logo for our t-shirts and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It


I made some prints with these classic hymn lyrics a while ago. And then I got to use them for a wallpaper on with my company! I got a magnesium cut made finally and stumbled upon some magnet paper and decided to spend a long night printing at home on my little press.  I think


Every year, on my brother’s birthday, we head up to Ocean City, Maryland. This year was particularly special because my brother is left for grad school in California as soon as we returned. Some Instagram shots from the trip are below… Apologies for my mini golf obsession…


One of the very first things I letterpressed was a coster that said “DRINK ME.” I sold out of them very quickly and decided I needed to make more. This time around, I made circle coasters and put my signature and website on the back. I plan on leaving them around town at different bars