So I realize the more I spend time in Richmond, the more deeply I fall in love with the city itself. I still feel strange calling it home. I still don’t have a go to click like I used to. I still feel unsettled and restless to try something new. But I do have a


If you haven’t seen the Kid President Videos, they are amazing and worth checking out… One of his quotes inspired me to make this letterpress piece. I am really happy with how they came out and you can buy a copy on etsy in either bright pink or black!


Within the first year of me moving to Richmond, I got to sell my art work at the first street art festival. You can see pictures and read about it here! The second one took place over the weekend. It was beautiful weather- it had just started to feel like fall and I really couldn’t


When I moved into the house I am currently living in, my room was lacking one thing: a closet. So I took off to build a moveable storage system for myself. I ordered a lot of 3/4 inch galvanized steel piping and cabinet grade birch wood and began working. The result is wonderful! I need


This past weekend I got to sell my artwork at Fall Line Fest. I took friday night though to enjoy Kopecky Family Band with my friend Allison. They played an amazing set and really felt the music they were playing. I love watching bands who get lost inside the music. Selling didn’t go as well as