Like the past few years, I have headed to see my best friends from home to celebrate halloween. My friend Michelle’s birthday also falls just before the holiday, so I not only get to get dressed up, but I get to be there for her festivities. This year I went as a piece of sushi!

letterpress: fall leaves | offthebeatenpress.com

I ran open studio and got some leaves printed tonight. Nothing fancy just a split fountain, easy lock up. I love the way this leave prints. I use him before and certainly plan on using him again in the future. It gets such great detail. I also love seeing them in MASS especially for something


To show some of my letterpress students how a Platen Press works, I had Paul come in and lock something up. While he was talking about how the machine worked, and the differences between it and the proof presses, I printed these little guys! Once I trim them, they will be for sale online!


It seems like a tradition now to get a new tattoo in October every year. It’s just the perfect time to get one! The weather is just right here in Virginia. No more pool, lake or beach to tempt me into the water. No potential sun burn. I can still pull off tanks to show