Burly Men Final Three | offthebeatenpress.com

So last year I did a series of fun sketches of a Lumberjack, a Sailor, and a Miner. I called them the Burly Men! I would still like to do more, but for now it’s a nice series of three. I just screenprinted them (finally) and posted each one for sale online. I love them.


Sundays are becoming my favorite day of the week. They end up being the most relaxing and rejuvenating time I have. I get to sleep in, listen to church, make artwork, watch football, read a book, and stay in bed. Everyday should be so grand.


My kickball team annually goes on a “Yurting” Trip. This was my first year on the team and tagging along on the trip. We rented a cabin in James River State park, cooked tons of food, played plenty of games, and got the time to relax together in the middle of nowhere.