Cruise Towels |

I went on a cruise with my good friend Kaitlyn last week. It was awesome! We snagged a really good deal a few months back. While I wish it was a bit warmer than it was, I already miss the ship and the sun. I will be posting some more pics next week, but here

whereivesoldstuff_august2014 |

In March of 2012 I posted a map with every location I had sold my artwork at the time. With the new year, I wanted to show an updated version. Here is every location (in the continental United States) that I have shipped a product! I have clearly sold a lot more which is so exciting.  

Letterpress student work: Exquisite Corpse |

I first played Exquisite Corpse as a kid. There are several variations of the “game” which started with Surrealists in the early 1900s. You can easily play the drawing method by folding up a piece of paper. You can also create sentence as long as they maintain the following structure : “The adjective noun adverb


Lots of blogger’s and artists I have seen have set goals for themselves for the new year. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself since running a small business on top of a full time job has clearly proven difficult as it is, but I would like to have some baby goals