sold: morgan line-o-scribe |

In 2012, I bought a little Morgan Line-O-Scribe Letterpress. I have used it in printing at home a few times. I have also used it to test prints for larger, faster machines at the studio where I teach classes. It has been amazing to have! However, the time has come for an upgrade. Hopefully, within

the trailer: before |

Just over a year ago, I got this idea to get an old trailer and turn it into an art studio. I was tired of having to look for a house with an extra room just to keep my art supplies & work in. I also knew I didn’t want to pay rent anywhere to

One Source Electric Logo |

A coworker at my full time job recommended me to his friend who is working on staring his own electric company. This was a project I was excited about because the owner, Jason, really wanted a retro feeling logo design. I did a BUNCH of classic retro logos for him before we resolved to the

Cows lockup |

I get some strange requests for freelance work. Friends & even friends of friends contact me with projects all the time. I turn down a lot – cause most of the time people expect it to be, well, FREE. Fortunately for me, freelance isn’t free. I stick with graphic design work mostly, but every once

Selling Art with Society6 |

I am going to try something new this March. There is this awesome site called Society6 which takes your artwork & allows customers to choose what product they want to see it on! I chose “The Grass is Always Greener” to be my first product on the website. This print has nearly sold out, is