Maymont Flowers |

Man was it gorgeous over the weekend! All the snow and terrible weather we have had this year is surely making me appreciate the glorious weekends that we have been blessed with recently. Late Friday night I drove to spend the night in Charlottesville with my friend Allison. In the morning I awoke early and

Letterpress student work: Foxfield Coaster |

One of my students in my letterpress class made a set of coster to take to Foxfield with her. As I also attended the event, I wanted to highlight her work! She made three, paying tribute to Virginia, UVA and the ‘playful’ character of the event attendees. Here are each of the coasters paired with

the trailer: day three |

Day Three began bright and early on Palm Sunday after listening to church online. First, my friend Jordan helped me move the entire trailer from just behind my fence in my backyard, to inside of it. I figure, once I start pulling the floors out, its not going anywhere for a while, and I don’t

Hiking at Great Falls |

I went home for Easter to spend some time relaxing and enjoying my family. I hit crazy traffic driving up 95 on Friday night which wasn’t a total surprise, but the sheer volume caught me off guard. I ended up cutting over and hitting up little back roads to find my way home. On Saturday

the trailer: day two |

Day Two was LONG. We removed an entire dumpster full of wood scraps and bathroom chunks. Quite a few more power tools were used. I think my roomate got a kick out of the sawzall.   miss a post about my camper trailer? see them all here.

Showcard Sign Press |

I have upgraded! I used to own a beautiful little Morgan Line-o-scribe machine. It worked really well and did the trick, but I wanted something a little nicer and a little bigger for my letterpressing. I think this happens to everyone as they get more into hobbies, you buy more camera lenses – get fancier

the trailer: day one |

And so it begins! Last weekend I spent an afternoon with the first stages of the gutting process. I pulled out quite a bit. All the cabinet doors are off. Everything that was left by the previous owner is now disposed of. I gave the fridge to a friend who has helped me with advise