lakeofthewoods_feet |

My birthday flew by. Here is a quick collage from the week. I had sweet friends throw me a mini party, spent time at the lake resting, and saw Kopecky Family Band play an amazing set. I am truly blessed.

Letterpress student work: Spring 2014 |

New Students means a whole new batch of work. I just finished up teaching another letterpress class and tried to be a lot more diligent about taking pictures this time around. The second night of class we popped out some amazing stuff. And this group seemed to like the green that I so favor, so

purchased: my house |

So it is official! I am buying a house. The first reaction people have when they see a picture is that it is adorable. I have to agree – it truly is! I couldn’t be more excited to move in. Closing day is fast approaching and I just want to get it done with.

letterpress: happy mother's & father's day cards |

I had neglected making both Mother’s & Father’s day cards for a while. Two months ago I found some grey paper on sale and was saving it for a project. When some square envelopes also went on sale, I figured it was a perfect time to get around to making cards for Moms & Dads.