Places I Once Called Home: Jackson Ward |

I first moved to Richmond around three years ago. When I found out I got a job down here, a good friend of mine when on an apartment hunt for me. She researched and went visiting and filmed some places for me (so generous). So even though I hadn’t seen my apartment until I got

morven park barn |

The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful. Between my car getting broken into (again) and buying a house, I started losing it. I needed to take some time away, which is exactly what I did over the weekend. I started in Charlottesville. I snagged some of my favorite dumplings, took a stroll, & grabbed

Places I Once Called Home: Gifford & Logan |

When I went to James Madison University (GO DUKES!), I was incredibly lucky to live on campus for two years. Not only that, but I had two prime dorms right on the Quad. My freshman year was spend in Gifford Hall and when sophomore year rolled around, I moved right next door to Logan. The

Places I Once Called Home: Willowbrook Drive |

This is probably the house I relate most to home, which is why I chose it to be my first illustration. My family moved into this house on my sixth birthday. While I didn’t help in the moving process at all (I think I was playing on a nearby playground while a bunch of my

Places I Once Called Home |

Buying my first house got me thinking a lot about the idea of home. I have lived so many places in such a short time. But the places that were more permanent for me were not the only places that I have called home through the years. I started this series of little illustrations to