married: lauren and jordan |

My roomate Lauren got married yesterday! Wasn’t I just taking their engagment pictures? It was a gorgeous wedding filled with so much love & joy. The wedding took place on the farm across from her parents home. The getaway car belongs to her Father & her mother buttoned up her dress in the living room where

travel: seattle |

The original reason for my trip out to the North West was to go see my friend Katie get married. She lives just outside of Seattle. My aunt and I drove there together and rented a hotel room. The room was amazing and while the bed was comfy I didn’t get much sleep because the

Places I Once Called Home: Kensington |

This was the last house that I lived in before moving into my new home earlier this year. It was quaint. It had a sunroom off the porch that was nice for summer storms and storing odds & ends. The upstairs was brutally hot and my roomate endured it amazingly during the warm moments. Mowing

Travel: Portland |

After visiting my brother, I went to Portland to stay with my Aunt and Uncle for a few days. They have a beautiful house just outside the city. The last time I was in Oregon was when I was 13, so it was nice being able to go and experience the city as an adult.

house painting |

I don’t like having a long to-do list, and this house has kept my list incredibly long since day one! Someone did tell me that if you suffered from boredom, buy a house, and I couldn’t agree more. I already painted two walls in the house, but decided this weekend to tackle another two. I am

Palo Alto |

To start off my vacation, I went to visit my brother in Palo Alto, California. We only had three days together, but we made the most of it. I cherish any time I get to spend with him, especially now that we are on different coasts. Stefan and I get along so well – he really