letterpress: vintage camper trailer print | offthebeatenpress.com

I am still working on thinking of a name for my little trailer. I keep coming up short. Anything I think of doesn’t seem to fit just right. Even without a name though, I did make a print of it for the Visual Art Calendar I participate in every year. All the money from the

the trailer: new year updates | offthebeatenpress.com

So I haven’t talked about my trailer in a while. When I bought my house last June, I realized the trailer needed to take a temporary back seat to getting everything in my home in order. My friend Paul helped me move the trailer from my last place to the side of my current one.

DIY: altered books | offthebeatenpress.com

My living room in my house has plenty of old books in it. When I visited my Aunt last fall in Portland, I saw she had folded all these little paper backs in unique ways. She had some extras so we spent the afternoon crafting it up. I brought them back with me and attached

Be Mine | offthebeatenpress.com

For first friday this month we made valentines day cards. They were very simple and I had a solid group of people join me. I even had some little kids. I have the lock up left on my galley for some more future printing. We printed some on pastels which looked a lot like candy

letterpress: "heck yes" print | offthebeatenpress.com

Sometimes I am at a loss for what to print. And that’s when things like this happen: This print is done on a absorbing paper so it has some great texture to it. The ink is grey and one of my favorites to print with.