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Last year, my friend Allison and I were talking about what to name my letterpress machine. I wanted to try to have some separation between the rest of the artwork I was creating and the specific letterpress prints. She came up with the name “Off the Beaten Press.”  It was perfect. I loved the impression

richmond in the spring | offthebeatenpress.com

It’s the first day of spring! Winter really stresses me out, especially when it lasts as long as this past one did. When it is finally warm enough to go outside, all I want to do is sit on a bench in the sun and get lost on the streets of this city. Finally, I

the trailer: has a floor! (& walls) | offthebeatenpress.com

Another trailer update already! I mentioned in my last post how I needed some help installing the subflooring. Well I checked back in on my trailer and it has made some significant progress.  I snapped some quick cell pics to have a better record of the progress. It wasn’t totally what I was expecting when I