Student Work 2015 |

This spring I taught a few classes. My first six weeks went really well. I even had a few repeat students this time around. I don’t know if most of you can tell, but there are a few mistakes in this lock up on the right.It was the first exquisite corpse of the year that we

the trailer: cabinet layout |

After my last trailer visit, I sat down and started laying out what I wanted the cabinets to look like.  I had a rough idea of my “dream layout” when I started this project, but knew it would have to adjust once the space was reconstructed. I went to see the trailer and measured out

travel: cherry blossoms |

Even though I am from DC, I haven’t been to see the Cherry Blossoms in years! There was a concert in DC over the weekend and when I realized it fell over the festival week, I jumped on the opportunity to go see the beautiful flowers that line the tidal basin. I got up on


My dad’s side of the family is pretty big. He is one of eight and our family gatherings are huge around the holidays. I love being able to walk around a house filled with people I love enjoying each other’s company. My Aunt JoEllen’s birthday this year was a slightly different trip than the usual