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My friend Paige helped out plan a Soirée at Hope Church. It was a “classic evening combining a juried art show, live jazz music & dancing, European-themed hors-d’oeuvres, and champagne cocktails, wine and beer.” It was a gorgeous evening and they set up the church beautifully. I got to be one of those at the juried

travel: river house | offthebeatenpress.com

Over the weekend I went to my friends River House in Dunnsville, VA. It was a beautiful home. She opened it up to a bunch of friends from different circles. It was nice to see so many new people so pleasant and enjoying the summer. What made it so unique was being able to go out

Off the Beaten Press Business Cards | offthebeatenpress.com

So I have mentioned some of this before but I think it is time for a recap. When I first started in the whole small business world, I was operating under my design website and name: ilovenataliekay. As my letterpress and printing world expanded, I knew there would be a need for a change. Since

the trailer: finally done! | offthebeatenpress.com

Oh goodness! My trailer came together so well! I couldn’t be happier with the results of a year of labor. I wish desperately I could spend all my days slaving away in this little guy! Maybe one day, that dream can be a reality. I got my new logo on the side and my signature,

Love Notecards | offthebeatenpress.com

Next weekend I am attending an event at Hope Church. It is a curated Art Show where I will get to show off my stuff and hopefully sell a little of it. The theme is Love so I printed some little giveaway notecards to entice people to talk to me. Here is the lock up

Chandler and Price 7x11 | offthebeatenpress.com

In 2014, I bought a Showcard Sign Price and retired my Morgan Line-o-Scribe. This year I have upgraded again – to a Chandler & Price 7×11 Letterpress Machine. I first saw the machine go up for sale on Briar Press (I saved a screenshot of the post before it got pulled down). It had been awhile