Jay & Jerusha Wedding Invitations | offthebeatenpress.com

I was so excited when Jay proposed to Jerusha, and even more excited when they came to me wanting me to letterpress their wedding invitations. We started with a simple brainstorming call and Jerusha sent me some samples of one’s she liked and some of her color choices. They are getting married in Florida under

We won't know until we get there | offthebeatenpress.com

Ever get a song stuck in you head? Always. Now, whenever I do, I practice lettering it, first on paper and then as a vector. I really like what this one says. I’m realizing I don’t know what to do about life a lot of the time, and that its okay because we’ll never know.

Kitchen Updates| offthebeatenpress.com

When I moved into my house, I was never a huge fan of the counters that were installed when it was flipped. Everything around my house was grey, black & white, but the counters were brown and horrible. On top of that, you couldn’t see when anything was dirty. You would think that you had

National Donut Day | offthebeatenpress.com

Today is national donut day! I have been working on a series of “dessert cards” which I hope to get out later this year, but as a little preview, I finished up. Here was the sketch I used to create the vector. And then the final vector on top of an image. I can’t wait

Travel: Chicago | offthebeatenpress.com

Last year for my birthday, I went to Portland & Seattle. This year’s trip was Chicago. It was my first time there and I just loved the city. The weekend was predicted to have terrible weather, but everyday when we awoke, the skies just cleared right up. We left the airport in DC after work