Stained Glass: Modern Triangles |

A few years ago I made a stained glass piece for my dad. The first post in that project can be found here and the final hanging in my parents house here. I loved this project and at the time didn’t have a place to put a piece of glass in my own apartment. Well

Watercolor Watermelons |

August is always so hot in Virginia. It makes me miss visiting Canada earlier this summer. Luckily, Richmond has the Watermelon festival. Yesterday morning, to avoid the heat, I spent time painting some little watermelons. I thought they were pretty cute.   Here is the final little painting. I don’t know what I am going

monday motivation: hustle |

Monday’s have been crazy challenging for me recently. I have a long to-do list for my small business and going in to my full time job just takes away all my energy. This morning though, my coworker asked me to letter some Monday Motivation for their instagram feed. It was nice to walk in and

Whistling & Co. |

I got the opportunity to work on a logo design for Whistling & Co. Emily has been doing some amazing work and you can go read more about what she is doing at her blog. A huge part of her business are the necklaces she makes and sells. They are beautiful and can be found

logo: blackbeard kombucha

A friend of mine in Richmond has started brewing his own Kombucha. I am not a huge fan of it myself, but it is certainly trending now. It’s really easy to make and he has started exploring lots of flavors using local ingredients like Strawberry Basil & Ginger. When he started looking to sell his