Goals 2018 | offthebeatenpress.com
Goals 2018 | offthebeatenpress.com

Setting goals is hard for me. I kinda just like going with the flow and seeing where things land. This year though, I decided to make some concrete goals though so I could see what happens at the end of 2018.

I normally pick a “word of the year” to stick to instead of resolutions, and I still plan on doing that for my personal life, but for my small biz, I thought this would be helpful.

Goals 2018 | offthebeatenpress.com

Here is my list! Let’s see where things end up in 12 months!

• Complete one lettering challenge
• Illustrate 35 homes
• Work through the Copperplate Calligraphy book
• Teach 6 Calligraphy classes
• Teach 4 Letterpress classes
• Add Envelope styles to the website
• Blog every other week
• Print my cocktail book
• Book THREE weddings
• Do TWO styled shoots
• Grow Instagram following by 50% (Currently at 890)