2018 Encouragement: September | offthebeatenpress.com

A little more normal this month with posting regularity. If you want to see all the words of encouragements from this year, check them out on Instagram using the #otbp18 hashtag.

Letterpress: Largest N Ever | offthebeatenpress.com

One of my old students is now a monitor at the Visual Art Center. She has totally fallen in love with letterpress and has been buying up stuff left and right. She recently got some LARGE wood type and brought an N for me to print with. This guy is huge! Here he is next

A Year of Calligraphy Teaching | offthebeatenpress.com

My first calligraphy class was last August! In the past year I have had 14 classes students each (and I have a final one in November). So by the end of 2018 I will have taught over 150 people. This blows my mind. The biggest change in the past year has been the room itself.