Travel: Paris | Off the Beaten Press

The last city on my Thanksgiving trip to Europe was Paris. Click the name of the city to see the blog posts for Amsterdam and Brussels. It was mighty cold and the city had just erupted in riots on our arrival, but it was still gorgeous and filled with art & romance. The night we

Travel: Brussels | Off the Beaten Press

After Amsterdam, we took the train to Belgium on Thanksgiving day. We had a delicious meal on the train and the Airbnb I booked was just around the corner from the train station. Our host owned a candle shop which was gorgeous so we met her inside to grab our key. Our Airbnb was much

Travel: Amsterdam | Off the Beaten Press

The past few days were spent in Amsterdam. I traveled there with my boyfriend to start a trip to Europe over Thanksgiving. We found a really great deal on round trip tickets and went to three different cities. The first one we landed in was Amsterdam. We got there at 5AM in the morning and

Teaching Fall 2018 |

Here are some pictures of my last letterpress class for the year! We got to really use all the machines in this class and everyone was amazing about sharing the equipment and their final work. This first one got printed on a bunch of colors as a little note card. My student says the phrase

Styled Photoshoot: November Equestrian

This styled shoot was certainly something to write home about. The colors just scream fall and the details came together elegantly. I was absolutely blown away when I got these photos back yesterday and can’t wait to share them with you. I was responsible for designing the stationery suite. When I was first putting it