Journal: My 30th Year | Off the Beaten Press
Journal: My 30th Year | Off the Beaten Press

I’ve been creating visual journals since high school, but I rarely share what I make in them. I love creating layers, playing with watercolors, acrylic paints, mixing media and documenting life.

This past year I tried something new. I’ve slowed down in recent years because my journals are normally gigantic. For my 30th birthday last year, I purchased a smaller more portable journal with the goal of more regularly updating and sharing it.

I chose to start these journals in May, as a way to document my years of life, instead of moving January to January. The above video shows me flipping through the entire 30th Year Journal! You can see all the pictures at the hashtag #beatenpressjournal30.

Here are some of my favorite pages though in no particular order!

If you’re interested in starting a journal like this, I suggest lookin at “Draw Your Day” by Samantha Dion Baker. I also plan on hosting a workshop in August about it. You can find our more about that class here.