A Year of Calligraphy Teaching | offthebeatenpress.com
A Year of Calligraphy Teaching | offthebeatenpress.com

My first calligraphy class was last August! In the past year I have had 14 classes students each (and I have a final one in November). So by the end of 2018 I will have taught over 150 people. This blows my mind.

The biggest change in the past year has been the room itself. I used to teach in an upstairs room that had really amazing stretchy funky chairs, but had terrible air control and strange colored tables that made everyone look a little sick. Now, my letterpress room and calligraphy room is combined! We have these gorgeous tables with wheels so I can easily redo the room however is best for the class.

New Room | offthebeatenpress.com

Though little, I also have a permanently installed dry erase board. Before classes, I was always hunting down a board, and wheeling it over. Then as I was writing on it it would roll around on my all willy-nilly. Now there is a board right next to the tables – just for me! And the lighting is so much better in this place.


I’ve certainly got a rhythm down with how I pack my kits now and organize myself. I will be updating my packets I hand out by the end of the year to try and sell them online. If you aren’t able to take a class in person, then there will be an option for you to learn on your own!