So a few months ago I started working on this illustration of the white house made of beer related items.  My friend told me how they started brewing beer, & I thought it would be a fun drawing that lots of people in the DC area would like, or really anyone who loves beer.

It took me a while to do the drawing simply because I couldn’t think of anything good for the middle columns. Finally, my dad suggested using “yards of beer,” which I have still never seen in person, but would love to find somewhere. Here is the completed drawing. You can see some of the detail work if you view it larger.

Once I had the drawing completed, I sent it off to get turned into a magnesium letterpress die. It looked so cool when I got it back! I was really hoping that all the little hand details of the pen worked it’s way into the final letterpress prints, and it really did.

If you want a copy, I have it for sale over at etsy!  Let me know what you think!