The last stop on our trip was Barcelona. It was my first time in Spain, and I know I will return – maybe even to move there.

On accident we arrived on one of Barcelona’s biggest nights of the year: Festival of Sant Joan

All across the city they light bonfires and set off fireworks. No one sleeps and the next day is a holiday!  I have never seen so much random chaos in one city.

It was perfect everything else was close and we already had tickets to see La Sagrada Família, the famous church of Barcelona by architect Antoni Gaudí.

So much detail went into this building. I could have stayed for hours!

Church & Organ.

Ceiling was designed to be like the tops of trees.

This door has the Lords Prayer in different languages. The most prominent being Catalan.

Stained Glass.

I put this picture together from several I took of the interior. It is just so incredible.

Even though the church was started in 1882, it probably won’t be done for another 30 years…

On top of the building!

Spiral Stairs!

He even designed the confessionals.

Gaudi’s head, in his own style. He had a really modern way of designing the interior of the building. He used sand bags to calculate the natural structure and where there needed to be support.

From Drawing to Final Details.

Since I hadn’t had enough Gaudi yet, my mom and I went to Park Guell.

It reminded me of ginger bread houses!

More mosaics than I have seen in years!

The best Cava Sangria ever!

Took to the streets for shopping.

Stefan and his cone of meat in St. Josep market.

Columbus Statue.

Port of Barcelona Building

In between two beaches!

The only thing that wasn’t touristy that I knew I had to find!
Eyescream & Friends has amazing packaging for their product!

Pretty good stuff too!

Dinner at a mexican restaurant in spain!

We took a tour up on Montserrat

Inside the church.

1,000+ Year Old Olive Tree!

Cava, sitting, waiting to be moved ever so slightly by hand.


Old equipment used to make Cava

Fountain show in Barcelona!

As music plays, the fountains dance!

Daddy watching the show!

Gaudí also designed apartments!

The roof was supposed to be like a back of a dragon, the white cross on the right was the top of a sword slaying the beast.


It made bubble sounds!

Last night …

Only Ice Bar in the World on a Beach! Icebarcelona!

Relaxing on Furs & Ice

Ice Age was Playing as we were there!