Calligraphy: The Law of the Jungle | Off the Beaten Press

When I taught a calligraphy class at the beginning of last month, I had a student who took the class so he could write out “The Law of the Jungle” by Rudyard Kipling. After taking the class though, he commissioned me to do the poem instead. He wanted two copies so I sat down to

Quote Round Up: February 2019 |

Here is this month’s round up of quotes. Last year, I stuck with one color all year. This year, I am trying to batch each month into a set. I kinda like the vibe so far. Maybe I can find enough solid pictures to do a different style in 2019. Follow along with hashtag #otbp19

Student Work Winter 2019 |

This past group of students was amazing. Everyone was talkative, set TONS of gorgeous type, had unique projects and fell in love with letterpress. I wish truly for a group like this every session. Their work was inspiring and I am grateful to get to teach what I love. Here’s some of their work! The

Typography Terms |

I share this list of terms with both my letterpress and calligraphy students. So I wanted to make it available to download for anyone. You can grab a copy of the PDF here. And if you want to learn more – sign up for one of my upcoming classes, or follow me on Instagram.

Letterpress Terms |

I’ve had a list of letterpress terms that I have used for years when teaching with my students. This last month, I used some of these terms on Instagram in what I called the Letterpress ABC’s. Since I gathered all the photos for the posts, I sat down and made a PDF of Letterpress terms

Quote Round Up: January 2019 |

Last year I did a bunch of quotes for weekly encouragement. I liked it so much, I decided to keep up with the tradition. This year, you can follow along with hashtag #otbp19 on Instagram. If you want to see last years, just look for #otbp18!

Classic cocktails with a twist |

This post is really exciting for me! In 2017, I wrote out one cocktail recipe a week and posted them in a series on Instagram called #offthebeatendrinks. Last year, I listed them all on Etsy so you can buy individual prints if a particular drink speaks to you. But I knew I wanted to come

You're Just My Type | Off the Beaten Press

Every year I make some Valentine’s Day Cards. While I made these a while ago, I never go around to posting them online. I set the type as an example for students in class to show them a little lock up. I think the lock up itself is pretty cute, not gonna lie. But it

Exclamation Points | Off the Beaten Press

I made a TON of exclamation point cards in the fall of 2016. I had a gorgeous set of Bold ones and some Pastel beauties. Both of these styles sold out at the beginning of this year. When I was cleaning up in my studio though, I found some hidden plain white ones. These were

2018 Encouragement: End of the Year |

Alright here is a round up of the rest of 2108! If you want to see all the words of encouragements from this year, check them out on Instagram using the #otbp18 hashtag.