I begun working on my first ever stained glass piece for my dad. The fresh squeezed lemonade scene was inspired by trips to Canada when I was little. Often we took trips up the coast to look at local artists. I distinctly remember my dad loving this one piece of stained glass that was lemon

In January I got a wire spool that I wanted to recycle into a rotating bookshelf. You sometimes see these spools at construction sites covered with coils. They are large versions of thread spools. With the help of my dad, I stripped the wood and then stained it. We put casters on the bottom so it

Last night I ran a short run of letterpress business cards on the Platen Press. This was my first time running something this small. Paul, my instructor, helped a lot during the process. They are printed on Mohawk Black Cards with Silver Ink. As my website is done in Helvetica, so is this