Burly Men Artwork
Burly Men Artwork | Off the Beaten Press | offthebeatenpress.com

Last year I sketched a series of burly men artwork. I drew three strong gentleman: a plain wearing lumberjack, a nautical sailor, and a scruffy miner. Eventually, I’d like to make some more– even some burly ladies– but for now I’ll stick with three. I just screenprinted them (finally) and posted them for sale on Etsy.

Lumberjack Sailor and Miner Artwork

First, I drew these in my sketchbook and scanned them into the computer. I turned those illustrations into transparencies to burn into a screen-printing screen.

Screenprinting Process

Then, I printed them at home in my attic. My attic was very hot, but the printing went quickly. I kept each print to two colors for simplicity. I chose grey ink for the final layer instead of black which felt more natural.

Screenprinting at home.

Here are the two colors on the sailor. I chose the primary colors (plus grey) to round out the series.

And here is the lumberjack before adding the outline and after the final floodstroke of grey ink on top. Screenprinting was my first love of printmaking so making sure I can continue doing it at home was important to me.

The three work best as a set but I decided to sell each one individually. I think they would look awesome in a little boy’s bedroom.

The Burly Men: Lumberjack | offthebeatenpress.com

The Lumberjack alone would also look solid in a mountain house.

The Burly Men: Sailor | offthebeatenpress.com

While the Sailor could hold his own in a beach home.

The Burly Men: Miner | offthebeatenpress.com

And I think the Miner could also pull off a cabin in the woods. You can get all three friends as a set for a discounted price on Etsy.