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Over the weekend, I went to Virginia Beach to attend a calligraphy workshop from Sincerely Amy. I did traditional calligraphy when I was a kid and wanted to learn more about the modern style that seems to grace every Pinterest board ever.

Before the workshop, I had breakfast at one of my favorite places: Handsome Biscuit. If you ever visit the Virginia Beach area, take the drive to snag one. They are just fabulous. It never ceases to amaze me how delicious their sweet potato biscuits and fried chicken are.

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The workshop was held at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I didn’t even know these existed and they were beautiful. You have to pay to get in, but since the workshop was on their grounds, we got in for free and wandered around a little bit.

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The workshop had the best tablecloth ever, just up my ally: black & white. I sat at a table with a bunch of other women who all have their own small businesses. I think this was my favorite part– just hearing them chat and about their individual stories.

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Amy talked at the beginning but most of the workshop was just practicing techniques. There were mimosa’s in handmade cups for everyone and little snacks (though I couldn’t eat another bite after breakfast!)

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I loved the little pencils she had in our kits. Snail Mail Forever is just adorable! I am hoping that I can use some of what I learned to make blocks for letterpress. I had a hard time copying her style but want to continue to practice. I found it much easier to write as I normally do, but follow the pressure that she taught us.

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Thats how my name came out the way it did on the right. Looks just like I did it, but with more flair. I plan on practicing more at work on lunch breaks.