Im trying to photograph more of the process of my work. Most of the reason I enjoy printmaking is that it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to get to the final finished product.  Thoughts on how I will force myself to start blogging more. Write once a week. Sunday nights seems to work after a week / weekend in the studio. So I begin…

Catching Up | offthebeatenpress.com
The first photo here is a vinyl sticker I had made by the lovely Erin Johnson. Brooks Laich is my favorite Washington Capital Player and I ‘hacked’ there logo to make this. I purposely got a few made for others who share in the love for mr. laich.
 Here is the current studio at the Visual Art Center.
Here are some photographs of the type studio where I get work done! The first picture is the inks, rollers and sinks. The second is some of the type drawers and cabinets. The third one to the is the storage of our galleys and the platen press. The final photo is one of our proofing presses taken from above. As of now this is my favorite press as it is the best with registration and least complicated to use. Also, this machine is mechanical and you are able to place self inking rollers in it which helps the process move a little quicker.

The pieces I am currently working on is a single sheet of paper folded into an eight page booklet with the lyrics from ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ This started as a gift for my mother but will be for sale as it is certainly a universal quote. These first two photos above show how I locked the type into the galley. This was the most challenging thing I’ve done. In the two images below that you can see my galley set into the machine with the ink starting to spread across the rollers. The image on the right shows a final product coming out of the press. 
Above are two pieces that I had yet to photograph. I posted the Birthday Cards on Etsy this morning and they are available for sale. I need to get a better image of the beer poster before adding it to my site but will soon be for sale online as soon as I can!