recipe: mookies |

When I was little, my next door neighbor used to make this amazing desserts called Mookies. They are muffin cookies!  I loved them so much. I even dealt with the nuts that were in them as a kid. She wouldn’t ever give us the recipe. It was her specialty and she wanted to keep it!

Chocolate Chip Cake Made |

My Dad and I have a thing for chocolate chip cookies, so when it comes to needing to make a birthday cake, we always make this one. It is a really simple sour cream cake that I have been eating for years. When my Dad made it for my birthday in May, he froze some

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies |

The past few weeks have been a bit stressful! Moving into a new house has kept me on my toes. I finally feel like things are taking a turn for the better. To cheer myself up a bit, & encourage a new era, I bought a cookie jar. Cookies are a food group in my world,

pantone |

One of my favorite things is finding pantone colors in real life…especially in one that I use in my personal branding…

sushi |

If you didn’t already know, i love sushi. So every friday, when I print, I splurge since I find myself just a few blocks away from sticky rice…  It certainly is one of my new favorite traditions I have made since moving to richmond!

thunderstorms |

this one is perfect in light of yesterday’s crazy weather…

socoandlime |

Noms! My favorite drink ever! Soco & Lime!

punkrocka |

got tired of favorite things…so ill switch between that and favorite quotes… & so he did what countless punk rock songs had told him to do so many times before…he lived his life!

prosecco |

its bubbly & delicious. generally has great packaging. it’s for real that i love prosecco.  

comic_sans_11 |

normally i don’t like tons of gifs. but now and again a few make me super happy… If you know someone who uses Comic Sans too often send them here :  comic sans criminal