Sold: The trailer |

When I started looking more intensely at my small business I bought a camper trailer to renovate into a studio. Slowly (very slowly) it formed into the perfect little home to store all my supplies and work from. I have a series of blog posts you can find about the renovation process here. The press

the trailer: finally done! |

Oh goodness! My trailer came together so well! I couldn’t be happier with the results of a year of labor. I wish desperately I could spend all my days slaving away in this little guy! Maybe one day, that dream can be a reality. I got my new logo on the side and my signature,

the trailer has cabinets |

Oh my goodness world! My trailer is really shaping up. A few weeks ago, I posted the layout of what I wanted my cabinets to look like on the blog. Now they have really come to life! In this picture you can see how the top of the work bench on the right has a

the trailer: cabinet layout |

After my last trailer visit, I sat down and started laying out what I wanted the cabinets to look like.  I had a rough idea of my “dream layout” when I started this project, but knew it would have to adjust once the space was reconstructed. I went to see the trailer and measured out

the trailer: has a floor! (& walls) |

Another trailer update already! I mentioned in my last post how I needed some help installing the subflooring. Well I checked back in on my trailer and it has made some significant progress.  I snapped some quick cell pics to have a better record of the progress. It wasn’t totally what I was expecting when I

letterpress: vintage camper trailer print |

I am still working on thinking of a name for my little trailer. I keep coming up short. Anything I think of doesn’t seem to fit just right. Even without a name though, I did make a print of it for the Visual Art Calendar I participate in every year. All the money from the

the trailer: new year updates |

So I haven’t talked about my trailer in a while. When I bought my house last June, I realized the trailer needed to take a temporary back seat to getting everything in my home in order. My friend Paul helped me move the trailer from my last place to the side of my current one.

the trailer: day three |

Day Three began bright and early on Palm Sunday after listening to church online. First, my friend Jordan helped me move the entire trailer from just behind my fence in my backyard, to inside of it. I figure, once I start pulling the floors out, its not going anywhere for a while, and I don’t

the trailer: day two |

Day Two was LONG. We removed an entire dumpster full of wood scraps and bathroom chunks. Quite a few more power tools were used. I think my roomate got a kick out of the sawzall.   miss a post about my camper trailer? see them all here.

the trailer: day one |

And so it begins! Last weekend I spent an afternoon with the first stages of the gutting process. I pulled out quite a bit. All the cabinet doors are off. Everything that was left by the previous owner is now disposed of. I gave the fridge to a friend who has helped me with advise