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In 2014, I bought a Showcard Sign Price and retired my Morgan Line-o-Scribe. This year I have upgraded again – to a Chandler & Price 7×11 Letterpress Machine. I first saw the machine go up for sale on Briar Press (I saved a screenshot of the post before it got pulled down). It had been awhile

Showcard Sign Press |

I have upgraded! I used to own a beautiful little Morgan Line-o-scribe machine. It worked really well and did the trick, but I wanted something a little nicer and a little bigger for my letterpressing. I think this happens to everyone as they get more into hobbies, you buy more camera lenses – get fancier

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In 2012, I bought a little Morgan Line-O-Scribe Letterpress. I have used it in printing at home a few times. I have also used it to test prints for larger, faster machines at the studio where I teach classes. It has been amazing to have! However, the time has come for an upgrade. Hopefully, within

Morgan Line-O-Scribe |

I’ve been getting more into letterpress printing and have been keeping an eye out for a little press.I found this one online for a good price and decided to get one to fiddle with at home. It is small and will work pretty well for a starting press. It is called a Morgan Line-O-Scribe Tabletop