Student Work: Holiday Cards |

Every year I teach a holiday card workshop. It’s one of my favorite classes because we have a huge variety of Christmas themed vintage cuts at the studio and I get to pull them out to play with. I also tend to hold the workshop on marathon day, so when we are working inside nice

Letterpress: Vintage Hot Air Balloon Cards

When I went to London earlier this year, we wandered through a flea market filled with antiques. We came across a seller who had a ton of letterpress cuts! I sorted through hundreds before deciding on the final one I was going to buy. Here is the stall I sifted through: I ended up with

Me and You |

Every year I make a new set of Valentine’s day cards. I tend to lead a First Friday workshop at the art center where I teach and it’s always a perfect project to do with a new group of students. This year, I tried a few different things before settling on this lock up. It

From the desk of... |

For Christmas last year, I made a few of these notecards for my friends. They would look great with grey or white envelopes or maybe some sunny yellow ones. I letterpressed the top of the cards with grey ink and still have that piece locked up for future use. When I finished, I lettered the

You make me happy when skies are grey |

I come back to this song again and again. I suppose anyone who heard it as a kid has some kind of nostalgia about it. It was first Friday a few weeks ago, so I set this to print at the art center and then brought it home and printed the lock up on the

Be Mine |

For first friday this month we made valentines day cards. They were very simple and I had a solid group of people join me. I even had some little kids. I have the lock up left on my galley for some more future printing. We printed some on pastels which looked a lot like candy

letterpress: happy mother's & father's day cards |

I had neglected making both Mother’s & Father’s day cards for a while. Two months ago I found some grey paper on sale and was saving it for a project. When some square envelopes also went on sale, I figured it was a perfect time to get around to making cards for Moms & Dads.

Letterpress student First Friday: xoxo |

Last night was First Friday and I got to teach a Letterpress Sampler Class at the Visual Art Center. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we made some small 4-Bar “xoxo” cards. I also got to show them the exquisite corpse game, so they got to take home two projects in the short

letterpress: oh hello cards |

I had a bunch of blank notecards that I needed to print so I decided to lock up a form and get to work. I didn’t have any generic cards I could use to send with gifts or some generic freebies so I thought I would try something like this: I used the Platen press

imnotirish |

In honor of St.Patrick’s Day, I made these little cards. We had this tiny little wooden vintage clover leaves that were just ideal for the holiday. The cards are simple, small and fun. The green ink took nicely to the paper. I made a few on stickers last week for first Friday at the Visual