Living Room Shelves |

I wanted built-ins in my living room for some time, but after a few crazy high quotes from contractors, I decided to just do it myself. I already had a shelf in the space where I wanted some more permanent shelves so it helped me get an idea of what it would be like. Here

DIY: gumball machine |

A few years ago I saw some girl on pinterest redo a gumball machine and I fell in love immediately. I always had the project on my radar but never got around to doing it. Then, when I was visiting my cousin a few weeks ago, her daughter happened to be getting rid of their


I had a few friends stay with me over the weekend. It was lovely to have company. When I first moved into my house, I typed up the wifi password on my typewriter and left it on display for people to use when they came over. I host small group at my house once a

DIY Himmeli Geometric Wreath |

Back in January, I made two himmeli wreaths that turned out amazing. I wanted to make a third to hand in my house with the other and I also finally finished the first one I had started making in the fall when Hobby Lobby restocked their aluminum tubing. I took pictures to show you all how

DIY: altered books |

My living room in my house has plenty of old books in it. When I visited my Aunt last fall in Portland, I saw she had folded all these little paper backs in unique ways. She had some extras so we spent the afternoon crafting it up. I brought them back with me and attached

DIY Himmeli Geometric Wreath |

I have been wanting to make one of these for a while! I saw a blog post about it a few months back & pinned it, of course. The week before Christmas, I went out and bought some aluminum tubes from the model section in Hobby Lobby and started one. Unfortunately, I ran out of tubing


When I moved into the house I am currently living in, my room was lacking one thing: a closet. So I took off to build a moveable storage system for myself. I ordered a lot of 3/4 inch galvanized steel piping and cabinet grade birch wood and began working. The result is wonderful! I need

Wine Cork Monogram |

It was only fitting that after I completed my Wine Type Letterpress Print that I finish up making my initial out of wine corks. I have been saving corks for a long time – since my twenty first birthday in fact – to use to make a cork board. I had gathered what I thought


For those of you who haven’t met my fish yet…This is Soco! He used to have a friend, lime-may he rest in peace. Soco has gained quite a bit of weight since I got him about a year ago.  I made this tank from an old Power Mac G4 Cube Computer. To match I used


In January i got a spool that i wanted to turn into a rotating bookshelf. With the help of my dad, I stripped the wood, put casters on, built dividers, and stained it! its now officially loaded with books and is displayed proudly in my apartment!