Calligraphy & Cocktails |

Over the weekend, I went to Virginia Beach to attend a calligraphy workshop from Sincerely Amy. I did traditional calligraphy when I was a kid and wanted to learn more about the modern style that seems to grace every Pinterest board ever. Before the workshop, I had breakfast at one of my favorite places: Handsome

Event: Soirée | (5)

My friend Paige helped out plan a Soirée at Hope Church. It was a “classic evening combining a juried art show, live jazz music & dancing, European-themed hors-d’oeuvres, and champagne cocktails, wine and beer.” It was a gorgeous evening and they set up the church beautifully. I got to be one of those at the juried


Within the first year of me moving to Richmond, I got to sell my art work at the first street art festival. You can see pictures and read about it here! The second one took place over the weekend. It was beautiful weather- it had just started to feel like fall and I really couldn’t


This past weekend I got to sell my artwork at Fall Line Fest. I took friday night though to enjoy Kopecky Family Band with my friend Allison. They played an amazing set and really felt the music they were playing. I love watching bands who get lost inside the music. Selling didn’t go as well as


This past Saturday I got the opportunity to sell my art on the street in Richmond. I learned lots from the last time I had done it and learned even more this time as I tried a different set up! Overall, it wasn’t as successful as the one earlier this year, but I blame the


I got the amazing opportunity to sell my artwork at the 1st Ever Richmond Street Art Festival. It went incredibly well and I felt so blessed all day long! I had my friend Amanda come and help me move my press to my table from my car! You can see her dog Mac in the