Champagne is always the answer |

I’ve been doing lots of little doodles and things recently to practice and figure out new styles and techniques of lettering. This week I did a little champagne quote. It started simply with a soft tip brush pen and my handwriting. Then I pulled it on the computer and vectored it. I placed it on

Stars can't shine without darkness |

I was working the other night on a commissioned project for a coworker. She wanted me to draw her wedding dress. This took me by aback a bit first, because I have never done anything like that, and second, because I was worried about getting it right! Turns out though that she just wanted a


I added my Burly Men Series to Society6! If you liked any of my little illustrations of a Sailor, Miner, or Lumberjack, you can now buy them on an assortment of products ranging from cell phone cases to pillows. Take a look at everything on my Society6 page & the other products they have to offer.

societysix |

I am going to try something new this March. There is this awesome site called Society6 which takes your artwork & allows customers to choose what product they want to see it on! I chose “The Grass is Always Greener” to be my first product on the website. This print has nearly sold out, is