Workshop: We the Broad |

Recently in Richmond, a new workspace opened up called We the Broad. If you live anywhere in the city you should totally check it out. I am so thankful they reached out to have me teach a calligraphy workshop with them because the group that came through was so much fun! Not to mention the

Student Work: Holiday Cards |

Every year I teach a holiday card workshop. It’s one of my favorite classes because we have a huge variety of Christmas themed vintage cuts at the studio and I get to pull them out to play with. I also tend to hold the workshop on marathon day, so when we are working inside nice

Student Work: Summer 2017 |

Wow. This past session’s students rocked my world. Every week these guys came in and had their type set up and were ready to rock. Normally, I get a variety of students – some with one little goal, some who just want a night off and some who are ON A MISSION to learn. In

My first modern calligraphy class |

When the art center where I teach letterpress came to me asking to teach a modern calligraphy class, I was incredibly hesitant. Frankly, I still feel like I am learning a ton about calligraphy and was worried about teaching a bunch of people. I had so many fears – “What if they asked me something

Student Work 2015 |

I just wrapped up my last class for the year yesterday. A lot of the classes that I wanted to teach this fall didn’t get enough enrollment, but the ones I had in the summer and winter went very well. I had repeats and newbies and plenty of interesting projects. The end of this year brought

Student Work 2015 |

This spring I taught a few classes. My first six weeks went really well. I even had a few repeat students this time around. I don’t know if most of you can tell, but there are a few mistakes in this lock up on the right.It was the first exquisite corpse of the year that we

Letterpress student work: Summer 2014 |

Another class, another amazing group of creative people! One of my students has a radio station called “birds do it.” She made this coster on chipboard to advertise. We had a Shakespeare quote and played with some linocuts that are laying around the studio. And the birds made an appearance on this poem…

Letterpress student work: Spring 2014 |

New Students means a whole new batch of work. I just finished up teaching another letterpress class and tried to be a lot more diligent about taking pictures this time around. The second night of class we popped out some amazing stuff. And this group seemed to like the green that I so favor, so

Letterpress student work: Foxfield Coaster |

One of my students in my letterpress class made a set of coster to take to Foxfield with her. As I also attended the event, I wanted to highlight her work! She made three, paying tribute to Virginia, UVA and the ‘playful’ character of the event attendees.

Letterpress student First Friday: xoxo |

Last night was First Friday and I got to teach a Letterpress Sampler Class at the Visual Art Center. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we made some small 4-Bar “xoxo” cards. I also got to show them the exquisite corpse game, so they got to take home two projects in the short