Mother's Day Weaving |

I took a weaving class last year and fell in love with it. For my mom’s birthday, I started a weaving for her that would match the design in my parent’s basement. I totally failed at the birthday present and finally finished it for Mother’s day. I actually worked on it really really late the night before Mother’s

My second frame weaving |

In January, I took a frame weaving class and I am kinda obsessed. The process of weaving is so theraputic. I am giving the last one I made away to my little brother and his girlfriend, so to replace it I created this one. I am still getting used to making them and started this

My first weaving |

I took my weaving class last month and loved it. My first little weavings left something to be desired, however. They were small testers that we made in class to learn the tricks and patterns. I started my first real one the day I got home from class. First I drew out some pattern ideas.

Frame Weaving |

Over the past four weeks, I took a frame weaving class at the Visual Art Center. I wanted to take this for so long but haven’t been able to find a suitable time, but this winter, I made it work. I planned four weekends in a row in Richmond, something I never do, just to