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Back in December, I got a message online about contributing some marketing materials to Celebrate American Made. I researched them quickly first only to discover that I love what they are doing! This company starts by finding local and handcrafted small businesses one state at a time. They then compile a box of goodies from that state, and ship them straight to your door! It’s a great way to discover new products and companies around the country.

January was Virginia’s month to be highlighted. Instead of just sending some personal marketing stuff, I chose to donate some of the Talitha Koum prints I did for Laura. I made so many, and continue to love to share her story, so I thought it would be a great offering to the box! This week, I received a copy of the Virginia Box! It was fun to see my print amongst other great Virginia’s. You can see my profile page on the Celebrate American Made website here or you visit them to subscribe to get boxes from other states in the future!

Here are all Virginia’s Goodies! What a state I live in!