Places I Once Called Home: Centreville |

I only have a few memories of this tiny townhouse. It was the house that my parents brought me home to as a newborn. I recall my Peter Rabbit bedroom easily with this fabric hot air balloon that hung from the ceiling. I also think about all the tiny pieces of candy that littered the carpet leftover from a piñata.

Places I Once Called Home: Centreville |

I remember playing the most in the basement with my brother. Once, when my older cousin Alexis was there, we played “Aladdin.” We used this silk scrap fabric my mom had given us as the magic carpet, and a plaid rocking chair as the cage for Rajah the tiger.

I also think back on playing in the front yard–throwing fallen crab apples, tying jump ropes to trees, the concords flying into the airport once a day.  It was a nice house and I am thankful that I can remember the time I spent there with my family.

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