Classic cocktails with a twist |
Classic cocktails with a twist |

This post is really exciting for me! In 2017, I wrote out one cocktail recipe a week and posted them in a series on Instagram called #offthebeatendrinks. Last year, I listed them all on Etsy so you can buy individual prints if a particular drink speaks to you. But I knew I wanted to come up with something more for people who enjoyed the whole series.

So, I made a book. I did a few test rounds of the book before settling in on the final black & white design. I didn’t finish it as fast as I would have liked because I was nervous about getting it printed. I had some awesome coworkers support and encourage me in the final steps though and here we are.

Each page has one drink on it, in the order that I wrote them. Since I did these weekly, each drink was appropriate for that season, so at the beginning of the book, you’ll find spring drinks and by the end you’ll hit holiday cocktails.

I used the little illustrations from throughout the book to create a pattern that lines the inside covers. And though I originally was not going to include a Table of Contents, the book looked much nicer with one and gave people a sense of where they were going and what to look for.

I called it “Classic cocktails with a twist” because most of them are just that. The majority of the drinks are classics that most bartenders know how to make. But I chose a few specialty ones or some of my favorites that are riffs or variations of the staples. Since it works seasonally, I had to pull a few outliers to fill in gaps. The title also fit since it was just a recipe book with a calligraphy twist on top.

I only printed 100 of these and each one is numbered and signed. If you are interested in grabbing one, head over to Etsy. While I don’t intend on printing a second edition, I’ll never say never.

I loved working on this project and really want to do another one like it in the future –maybe some cookies (my favorite food group). I’m open to suggestions.