I got the die made for this print last fall. A few months later when I went to print it, my friend Emily noted how I spelled something wrong. This is classic me. I always spell things wrong – I focus so much on how it looks & the spacing without taking time to check the simplest part!  Fortunately, the Vis Arts center had a gothic type face similar to the one I had used! After a lot of adjusting and squeezing hand laid letters into the wood cut, I printed it.  
The quote is from Mere Christianity by CS Lewis and reads, “Music is the thing known in the present life which most strongly suggests ecstasy and infinity…” I love the quote – love the book and am really happy with how the type turned out on this print. Snag a copy on etsy!
Clearly I went to Art School and not grammar school! 
See how I had to squeeze in letters where there was a misspelling on my part!
During the printing process! There was a lot of make ready necessary to print it appropriately – and the error in spelling caused the two different cuts not to line up as tightly as I would have liked.

And the final product! Success! Like it? Check it out on Etsy!