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I went home for Easter to spend some time relaxing and enjoying my family. I hit crazy traffic driving up 95 on Friday night which wasn’t a total surprise, but the sheer volume caught me off guard. I ended up cutting over and hitting up little back roads to find my way home.

On Saturday we went to Great Falls since it was such a gorgeous afternoon. We did a short hike along the trails there. It wasn’t too crowded until we got to the area where the falls were on display in full glory.

Hiking at Great Falls

A view of the Maryland Side of the river!

Great Falls Maryland Line

The Falls!

Great Falls Water


When I got home from the hike, I made some Lemon-Lime Macarons for Easter the next day! I had my first full perfect tray of cookies. I have been practicing and hope to get better each time I make a batch. The other tray was simply not this gorgeous.

macaron shell

Even though the other tray didn’t look great, they all tasted fabulous and I didn’t have any leftovers!  We did an small egg hunt for my younger cousins, and as payment for hiding the hundreds of eggs, I snagged just one for myself!

Easter Egg